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OMD再袭CES Asia,构建媒介新生态驱动商业共赢-押球平台
发布时间:2021-07-16 10:37
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本文摘要:上海市,二零一六年5月12日——全世界领跑的营销传播和媒介项目投资代理公司浩腾媒体(中国)再度强强联手CES,在2016亚洲地区电子展会(CES ASIA)内以Connected Economy为主题风格,研究和共享资源了当下前沿的高新科技与媒介的艺术创意成效、将来中国的洞悉及其品牌怎样遭遇媒介巨大变化带来的冲击性,力主拓张重新构建媒介绿色生态,提高互联网经济的比较慢发展趋势。



上海市,二零一六年5月12日——全世界领跑的营销传播和媒介项目投资代理公司浩腾媒体(中国)再度强强联手CES,在2016亚洲地区电子展会(CES ASIA)内以Connected Economy为主题风格,研究和共享资源了当下前沿的高新科技与媒介的艺术创意成效、将来中国的洞悉及其品牌怎样遭遇媒介巨大变化带来的冲击性,力主拓张重新构建媒介绿色生态,提高互联网经济的比较慢发展趋势。在用心搭构的“媒介新的绿色生态”展示区中,浩腾媒体独家代理发布了业内第一个《未来发展中国未来》汇报及《2016年媒介风向标》,并与各位高新科技精锐、业界达人和品牌公司共享资源了虚拟现实技术技术性等政治宣传媒介和广告宣传宏伟蓝图的当红男星新的高新科技和酷炫实例,另外与Robin8带头发布了中国消费性电子器件之百大网站白排名榜,共叙网红营销的盛行及所愿之道,研究怎样运用这种转型重构顾客与品牌的会话营销方法。


中国的将来:浩腾媒体独家代理专题调研 品牌怎样应付变幻莫测的2016? CES ASIA是消费电子产品产业链的佼佼者盛典,表明了亚洲地区销售市场的艺术创意二翼和发展趋势方向标。做为领域的领跑组织,浩腾媒体本次还带头了众多在以媒介艺术创意来驱动器商业服务层面(ConnectedEconomy)领跑的产品研发和转型发展企业,所涉及的行业涵盖了挪动程序流程、室外智能化、高清电视与虚拟现实技术技术性等。

“这些摇摆不定领域的消費电子设备行业艺术创意将对将来品牌营销推广的组成造成全局性危害,”浩腾媒体中国区首席执行官汪慧玲答复,“高新科技转型变的越来越快,这种全力的政治宣传是对策营销推广的转型发展机会,为此来找寻与受众群体会话的好于方法,而且将核心竞争力和品牌价值利润最大化。” 浩腾媒体中国区首席执行官汪慧玲 DougPearce,宏盟媒体集团公司大中华地区首席执行官也答复,“针对媒介企业、品牌和消費自动化科技来讲,中国甚至全部亚太地区是全世界仅次、最没有魅力、及其有可能是最重要的销售市场。浩腾媒体进一步提高、项目投资于尖端科技的提升。根据浩腾媒体艺术创意股票基金(OIF),大家广告商这些将政治宣传将来的新成立公司。

针对媒介和广告宣传,这是一个振奋人心的时期,来帮助品牌从营销推广推广中获得更加合理地、更为有知名度的結果。” Doug Pearce, 宏盟媒体集团公司大中华地区首席执行官 专题研讨:VR强势来袭广告行业 专题研讨:网红营销不容易给品牌带来如何的使用价值? 专题研讨:顾客核心的媒介高新科技创新 Shanghai, May 12, 2016 – Leading marketing communications and media investment agency, OMD China, presents cutting-edge insights on the connected economy at CES Asia 2016, held May 11-13 in Shanghai. Over the course of three days, OMD is gathering together leading minds to introduce and discuss: media trends (Transcend 2016); changes in consumer behavior (Future of China forecast); new technologies—such as Virtual Reality—which are disrupting the media and advertising landscape; the rising impact of KOLs; and the methods and ideas to apply these changes to engage consumers with brands. CES Asia is the premier event for the consumer technology industry, showcasing the breadth and depth of innovation in the Asian marketplace. CES Asia focuses on three major themes: connectivity, innovation and the Internet of Things. Exhibitors will represent 15 product categories including 三维 printing, audio, content and online, green technologies, health, home entertainment, lifestyle, mobile, robotics, smart home, sports andfitness, vehicle technology, video/4k高清 Ultra HD, video gaming and wearables. For CES, OMD is partnering with some of the leading companies developing and transforming the new connected economy, including in mobile programmatic, Digital Out of Home, Online TV, virtual reality and more. “Innovations in consumer electronics that are shaking up the industry will play a critical role in shaping the future of brand marketing,” said Arlene Ang, CEO for OMD China. “Technologyis changing faster than ever, and these positive disruptions are opportunities to transform strategic marketing to find better ways to engage audiences, and to maximize competitive advantage and market value for brands.” Doug Pearce, CEO, Omnicom Media Group, Greater China, said, “China and the entire APAC region is one of the largest, most dynamic and arguably the most important markets in the world—for media companies, brands and consumer electronics. OMD is constantly refining and investingin improvements in technology. And through our OMD Innovation Fund (OIF), we are sponsoring the startups that will disrupt the future. This is an exciting time to be in media and advertising, and an exciting time to help brands achieve more effective, powerful results from their marketing efforts.。